Queensland Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Collaborative

The Queensland Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Collaborative (QOTFC) was formed in 2004 and comprises the occupational representatives from the three Queensland Universities providing occupational therapy training, occupational therapy professional bodies, and major employers. All of the stakeholders have the common goal of furthering fieldwork opportunities and experiences in the state of Queensland for the ultimate benefit of the health and well-being of the citizens of Queensland.

The QOTFC presents this website to occupational therapists who currently support the professional education and development of occupational therapy students, and those who may wish to in the future. The aim of the site is to provide resource material to supplement the training and support provided by the fieldwork managers.

The website contains four modules: The QOTFC and Occupational Therapy Clinical Education; The Clinical Educators Resource Kit; Practice Placements in Mental Health, and The Placement Grants Scheme.

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